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Cabinets & Work Benches

Work Benches & Cabinets

When you’re looking for more than just furniture, Lista offers solutions that are efficient, ergonomic, and durable. As well as looking good, Lista’s workstations offer a rich array of customizable features to suit any environment.  Lista’s storage cabinets are perfectly suited for a wide range of industries, environments and applications, while allowing for maximum use of cubic space.

Flow Racks & Transport Lines

Worksmart offers efficient, modular workstations, transport lines and flow racks that increase productivity. Worksmart Systems has developed an ergonomic, efficient, hybrid approach to old, traditional production cornerstones: the assembly workbench and the assembly line. Their Fleximate Integrated assembly systems provide you with unprecedented lean manufacturing flexibility now and in the future. These systems enable you to eliminate waste, prevent defects, and improve your line efficiency. Worksmart can provide the tools you need to reach your six sigma lean manufacturing goals.